Sunday, August 23, 2009


I shaved today. When I shave, I usually just throw some hot water on my face a few times and pretend that that opened my pores and thus I will get a closer shave. But I think every time I do that I inevitably wonder if those few splashes of hot water actually did anything. I mean, I've never actually seen my pores open or close before, so how do I really know? How long does it take for a pore to open? Will ten seconds of hot water on my face open my pores? Do I have to close my pores back up with cold water when I am finished?

Friday, August 7, 2009


I love my dentist. She's funny, gentle, never keeps me waiting long in the chair, and I think she does a pretty good job at keeping my teeth healthy. When appointment time comes around, I start thinking that I should have done a better job brushing my teeth between visits, and start getting anxious knowing that she will know that I haven't flossed. I'm not too worried about the flossing part only because I know no one else is flossing. But I guess I wish I was toughening up my gums the week prior so they wouldn't bleed at all when she scraped.