Friday, January 13, 2012

Cauliflower Ear

I apologize to my devoted readers for not having posted in a long time. Not that much funny stuff has been happening in my life lately unfortunately. At least not stuff I could be writing about. But, Cauliflower ear is pretty disgusting, that's safe to say. Nice segue huh? I was thinking about that the other day while flipping the channels and seeing real wrestling on TV. Real wrestling to me is interesting. I have a lot of respect for the discipline those guys have in their training and their diets, and overall it's just a cool sport in that there is no equipment, just you and another person doing the most primitive fighting but with rules. When all the other sports die in popularity, there will always be wrestling.
But I think of those poor guys who get cauliflower ear. Apparently there is no cure. Or if there is a cure, these guys obviously don't know about it or they would have taken care of it. Might as well have a tattoo across your forehead that says "I wrestled" or "look at my ear." They wear it like a badge they can never take off. You never hear about broccoli ear.