Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm not on the same pace I was last year at this time filling up sketchbooks but I am getting back into the swing of it and enjoying it.  I hope to keep doing a few a week. Here's a select few.  I've also posted a bunch recently to my etsy page. Yeah the quality isn't so good, that's why you should go to the etsy page.

Instagram addiction

In an effort to revive my blogging prowess, I'll post some snaps I've taken recently since my blog has gotten pretty stale.  I am probably like everyone else when it comes to Instagram.  You take a picture, Instagram it, then all of a sudden you are the best photographer since 1976.  Gettin' all nostalgic over a mediocre photo, that instantly becomes a classic; worthy of your greatest family album. I hate to admit it but I have a slight addiction.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's been a while....

Nothing that funny has been going on but I thought I thought of something funny the other day while playing softball in my work softball league.  So we are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel this year.  We haven't won a stinkin game yet, and last week was our best chance.  We were facing the only other team that hadn't had a win yet.  We were up probably 8 runs in the last inning and just fell apart. Ended up losing on a walk off double.  Anyway, there was this one kid on the other team who was pretty ripped.  He even had the cutoff shirt to go with it.  (I don't advise, muscles or not, to ever wear a cutoff shirt) I was thinking to myself, "ah, sun's out, guns out" but he was pretty pasty white.  I was thinking maybe he only breaks out his "guns" in an indoor range.