Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Storms

Along with most people, I get agitated over snow storm hype. Just this week newscasters were calling the upcoming snowstorm historic before it even happened. If anything was historic, it was how absolutely wrong they were in their predictions.  We didn't get the foot of snow they were predicting (which is not historic by any means anyway) nor did we even get an inch or two.
The other thing they are way off base about is people freaking out about getting milk and bread and eggs at the grocery store.  First of all, if the power went out at my house, I think I have a months worth of pasta sitting in my cupboard.  And after that pasta is gone, I probably have another three months of beans and miscellaneous eats to sustain me.  I mean, I love bread, and pretty much always have eggs in my fridge, but if I hear there is an impending snowstorm, those are the last food items I am thinking about.  I would raid the grocery store for chicken wings, tostitos, salsa, anything to make nachos, and junk food! Booze also goes without saying. Just saying.