Monday, April 27, 2009

my T shirt idea

I want to make a t shirt that says "printin' ain't easy"
you know you can relate.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the amazing travel of my new shoes.

I am amazed at my new shoes.. I haven't gotten them yet but I did a UPS tracking on them and found out that they were made in Vietnam. Sent from Ho Chi Minh, to Hong Kong, to Alaska, to Nashville, and hopefully to me in New Jersey. Then I got to thinking about... how the hell do they make any money doing that... and then I realized.
Its pretty amazing…
I was thinking, I wonder if they make any money doing this…
But I guess they do…
They pay the guy in Vietnam 40 cents per shoe
The big wig in nam makes 3 bucks… he sends it on a mule and that guy makes 20 cents to bring the mule to the airport
Costs 2 bucks to send it on the plane from nam with all kinds of other crap headed for bed bath and beyond to hong kong…
Fed ex hong kong ships it on a jumbo jet full of other shittt headed for sams club for 2 bucks
A guy in Alaska scans it for ten bucks an hour,
Goes on fed ex plane with crap from hong kong, nam and china headed for Costco in Moorestown… stock guy at Costco gets paid another ten bucks an hour
Ups ships it to me for ten more bucks…
Nike makes 80 dollars profit…
The world works in mysterious ways.
Ceo of nike goes to Vietnam… finds 9 year old boy who made shoe. Feels bad. Gives him a ten dollar bill… takes him back to his hotel… has man/boy love to him…
Goes back home on private jet. Looks up boy on google, sends him to school for the rest of his childhood.
Is praised by coworkers, community, wife and kids as a great man… wins citizen of year award in his town.
thought i had a picture of the shoes... but i dont. doh!


Is it me, or do only every other blank CDs actually work. I must have put four blank CDs into my computer in a row and not one of them has been recognized... I put them in the cd drive, I put them in the DVD drive... nothing happens. End up throwing away half of the ones I put into my computer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Harry Kalas

It wouldn't be fitting if I didn't mention the passing of the great Harry Kalas on my blog. Even if I am the only one that reads this page, I felt a need to write how I feel about the man. After crying like a baby every time I've seen a tribute to him or read an article, I really felt how much I am going to miss him. Although I have never talked to the man personally, I must have heard him call a thousand games in my life. I remember once looking up into the booth at the stadium trying to find him between innings, and seeing the man gazing over the crowd during an afternoon game. I saw him looking in my direction and gave him a wave trying to get his attention... a shot in the dark....he spotted me and waved back ... I'll never forget it. Says something about the guy. Also I have to say the Phillies showed a lot of class at his memorial tribute, handing out free coffees, free parking, and the Owner Bill Giles and President of the ball club David Montgomery shaking every fans' hand and thanking everyone for coming. I'm going to miss the guy. Summers will never be the same.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

case in point

Pirates and Castro

I think it's funny how every time you see Fidel Castro these days, he's just chillin in a velour jumpsuit talking on the phone. That's how military leaders should dress. However the hell they want. And has anyone else noticed that you are seeing a lot more stories on the news about pirates? Like Somali pirates hijacking tanker ships off the coast of Africa. Five years ago there weren't stories about pirates. maybe 105 years ago there were stories about pirates.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm not an avid runner, but a few weeks ago I ran in my first "race". It was only a 5k, and I did pretty well considering I hadn't really trained for it. Apparently the race was for pretty serious runners who just sprint it for fun; most finishers were running in under 20 minutes. As we were registering, I overheard a guy say "35 dollars for a 5k? Really? I can run a 10k for 35 dollars!" I just thought that was funny, is the guy getting more for his money? Seriously? Weird.