Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blind leading the Blind

There's a Center for the Blind not too far from my office so I always see random blind people (that sounds terrible, "see random blind people") with their tappin sticks.  This one guy today was tappin seriously hard. I could hear him from almost a block away.  He was really giving the sidewalk a good whack.  So I got to thinkin, as I always do.  Those sticks are designed so the blind person can feel their way around objects that are directly in front of them.  What if they made those sticks for people who were near sighted (people that cant see things which are far away.)  So the stick would just be extra extra long so they could "see" objects that are really far away. People could whack stuff half a block away. Could be pretty awesome.
I just thought this picture was funny considering the topic.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I hate when this happens. I'm on the phone with a rep for a product and I have to ask her for her email address. She's all like "Ok, are you ready? It's" So I'm all trying to listen and write out this email address out while she's spelling it out. I finish and realize it's just a alexander. If your name is a basic word and not hard to spell, just say it. My email address is a-alexander @ Don't make me work twice as hard trying to listen to you. Just say the word. If my email address was I still wouldn't spell it out. Just an observation.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


You hear about the Aids Walk, the Breast Cancer 3-day... How come you never hear about the Herpes Half Marathon... or the Gonorrhea Walk? Just sayin.