Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's been a while..

Seeing if I still got it.  I've gotta be a little more careful now, I'm a little more mature. I'm married, smarter, older, wiser, have a nice new house... I can't be presidential and say something stupid and get myself in trouble.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Storms

Along with most people, I get agitated over snow storm hype. Just this week newscasters were calling the upcoming snowstorm historic before it even happened. If anything was historic, it was how absolutely wrong they were in their predictions.  We didn't get the foot of snow they were predicting (which is not historic by any means anyway) nor did we even get an inch or two.
The other thing they are way off base about is people freaking out about getting milk and bread and eggs at the grocery store.  First of all, if the power went out at my house, I think I have a months worth of pasta sitting in my cupboard.  And after that pasta is gone, I probably have another three months of beans and miscellaneous eats to sustain me.  I mean, I love bread, and pretty much always have eggs in my fridge, but if I hear there is an impending snowstorm, those are the last food items I am thinking about.  I would raid the grocery store for chicken wings, tostitos, salsa, anything to make nachos, and junk food! Booze also goes without saying. Just saying.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Getting your eggs frozen

What happens if you miss a payment at your fertility clinic where they have your eggs cryogenically frozen? Do they move it to the refrigerator? Miss two months and they put it on the counter?


I'll preface this post by stating that I have no qualms with vegans. Everyone is entitled to eat what they want, and I surely don't want anyone telling me what I should and shouldn't be eating.  But I will say that in my opinion, vegan is just a euphemism for pain in the ass. 
I think it would be interesting to go the opposite way and be a straight carnivore. Nothing but meat.  A meatatarian... Imagine going to the restaurant and saying "I have an 'anything but meat' allergy" and see what happens.  "well we have steak...chicken..." "okay, is that chicken breaded? I don't want any breading on that... is it fried? because I don't want to use any vegetable oil or corn oil or canola oil.. but you can fry it in chicken fat only." "excuse me, this steak has peppercorns on it... i specifically said i am against the unethical treatment of pepper plants. Was this marinated in soy? It can only be marinated in bacon grease."  There is a piece of parsley on my plate!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

North 28th gets Stephen Powers art piece

Overall project
Look at that art piece!
Our North 28th project at, you guessed it North 28th Street, in Brewerytown got a sweet new art installation by noted artist Stephen Powers.  You may recognize his work riding along the Market Frankford El trains. He did all the Philly love letters.  I'm not sure what this particular piece is about, but it looks to me like it's some sort of engagement. Guy on one knee with a pizza? Or is that an abstract diamond?  Either way, it's still pretty cool.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Designer rugs

I don't know how or why I thought about this the other day, but  I did.  People have those bear skin rugs with the heads still on.  I think it would be cool to have a giraffe skin rug.  Those long spindly legs and that long neck could make a nice stair runner.  Think about it. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

No Questions Asked

My bike was stolen off my front porch yesterday along with two of my neighbors bikes.  Pretty ballsy to steal something off my front porch, especially when a lot of my neighbors are home all day everyday. But I have a feeling I know who it was.  I've felt like my house was being staked out a few days ago by some thug kids. By thug kids I mean kids in their early twenties with no jobs.  I want to post some "Stolen bike" signs around my neighborhood and post a reward... no questions asked. Then first thing I would do if someone came forward to return it is ask them why they stole it.  I'd be like, i was kidding about the no questions asked part.... and the reward part.  And then punchasize their face... for free.