Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathroom Renovation

I've been saving whatever money I can lately and have been buying some things for my upstairs bathroom in phases over the past few months. This is the last major renovation project in my house. I think with the completion of this project my house will finally, after 5 plus years start feeling like a house. I still have plenty of other major expense things to get done, like eventually get all new windows, waterproof my basement, and finish up a bunch of little random things. So, this weekend for whatever reason, and probably against my better judgment, I decided to start the deconstruction. I was thinking that I really needed to clean my house but instead dirtied it up. Here's what I've done so far. Just knocked out two walls because I still need the other two shower walls for my shower. I realize now how annoying it is to not have a sink and toilet upstairs. The demo has been going pretty well so far though. No real problems or surprises, and I've been pretty diligent about cleaning up as I go. Probably because there is no real room for the mess to accumulate in that small of a space. Looking back though, I should have done this as my first project when I moved in, but I say that about every house project I've taken on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your nose

Have you ever been in a job meeting or have someone at your desk looking over some papers, when you hear something hit the paper and realize it fell out of your nose? Sometimes that happens. You just gotta be nonchalant about it and quickly brush it off like it was always there and it didn't just fall outta your nose, and it was definitely not a booger. It was just some mysterious crumb that was left on the conference table.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's in a name?

Was just curious how someone comes up with a nickname like Butch or Bud. Mike is naturally short for Michael, Jim is short for James, but what is Bud or Butch short for? It's one thing to say "Hey Bud" to someone, but another thing to be like, "Hey this is my friend Bud." You don't hear those nicknames much anymore though. But why are Butches and Buds reserved for janitors and auto mechanics? Maybe that's why nobody uses those nicknames anymore.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ready to make some paper

I realized how broke I was when I got paid on the first of this month and the next day I literally had 70 dollars to my name. Now, this isn't some sad sob story, and I'm not looking for any sympathy, but to put things into perspective, I can't even participate in my office Superbowl pick'em with a $5.00 entry fee. That's how bad it's gotten. To make things worse, I really needed a haircut... So I went to get my haircut yesterday and I think they had some recent beauty school graduates training there. Bunch of new young chicks that I've never seen and they just weren't as friendly as I am used to. No "hey, how you doing, I am so and so, I'll be washing your hair today... you want to follow me? Can I take your coat?" It was more "hi are you Mike? I'm gonna wash your hair." No "How you doin', can I take your coat?" So I sat there with my gigantic coat on my lap while she washed my hair. It wasn't at all awkward when I had the coat piled three feet high on top of me getting my hair washed. So I got my haircut..and they took my coat, but left my bag on the floor to get all hair all over it. But I really knew I was going to get a bad haircut when the girl asked me how I wear my bangs. My bangs? Seriously? Did you really just say my bangs? Uh, I am a MAN! I don't have f-ing bangs! Up? Down? HUH? Look, I just mess my hair up...pretty much the easiest hair to cut. Just do whatever. Just what you want when you're broke, shellin out 30 bucks to get a bad haircut. Alright back to the point of this... I have an ETSY page! Alright, it's just a start and has some bad photoshop, but you get the idea. And I have a shitton more sketches I can sell. Make great Valentines gifts for your girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands/friends/mistresses. Help a brother out. and if you know me personally, don't buy anything through the site..i'll give you the "friend" discount. Pass it on! garlicisgood etsy site