Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Harry Kalas

It wouldn't be fitting if I didn't mention the passing of the great Harry Kalas on my blog. Even if I am the only one that reads this page, I felt a need to write how I feel about the man. After crying like a baby every time I've seen a tribute to him or read an article, I really felt how much I am going to miss him. Although I have never talked to the man personally, I must have heard him call a thousand games in my life. I remember once looking up into the booth at the stadium trying to find him between innings, and seeing the man gazing over the crowd during an afternoon game. I saw him looking in my direction and gave him a wave trying to get his attention... a shot in the dark....he spotted me and waved back ... I'll never forget it. Says something about the guy. Also I have to say the Phillies showed a lot of class at his memorial tribute, handing out free coffees, free parking, and the Owner Bill Giles and President of the ball club David Montgomery shaking every fans' hand and thanking everyone for coming. I'm going to miss the guy. Summers will never be the same.

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