Monday, June 15, 2009

metric vs english measurements

Being an architect, and an American, I have to deal with the dreaded English system of measure. Probably more than most people, I have to deal with it. Chances are if you are a doctor or a lawyer or a scientist even, you aren't dealing with the English system. Sure you might casually say, "oh that's ten feet, or that's a 30 gallon trashcan," but you aren't making computations like an architect is. I really want to switch over the metric system with the rest of the world and start making fast computations. You don't realize how embarrassing it is when my boss rattles off dimensions and is able to add them in the matter of seconds "4'-3", plus 8'-6 5/8" plus 9'-11 3/4" is....(and he looks at me, pauses...I give him the blank stare)...waits a second... 22'-9 3/8"!" uh what?

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