Friday, August 17, 2012


I never really had any interest in karate in my entire life except maybe for the ten minutes after I saw Karate Kid part one when I was six.  I recall "karatying" a tree in my front yard pretending to be Ralph Macchio in training.  But other than those ten minutes, and every time I put on a bathrobe, I never give much thought to karate.  But the other day walking home from work I saw a mother and a few kids getting picked up from karate practice. A few of the kids (the couldn't have been more than seven years old) had black belts.  I couldn't help but think how they could have black belts. If I owned a karate shop, I'd just give out black belts to everyone.  I mean why not.  It obviously doesn't mean anything.  If a seven year old can achieve the highest award in your sport there's something wrong with that.  I am pretty sure I could beat that kid's ass if he wanted to fight me. I wouldn't feel good about beating up a seven year old but if he attacked me first... you know...just sayin.  Pretty sure I would win the fight with no prior training.  I'd be all like Howard Dean! hiiiyaaaahhhh!!!

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