Thursday, December 10, 2009

developer speak

Along the same lines as the last post, developer speak drives me crazy. It's like 33% more free, except that maybe we really are getting 33% more free whereas developer speak is all make believe. Developer speak just doesn't make any sense period. I've been noticing a lot more developer advertisements for condos since my job mostly revolves around developer work. For example, I see developers write "oversize windows" all the time. To me, that doesn't sound good. Oversize? Are the windows too big? Here are some other good ones. "Spacious walk-in closets with built-in vinyl coated wire closet shelving systems." No way! vinyl coated wire closets! Just like they sell at Home Depot! Amazing! "Maintenance-free, energy-efficient insulated fully operational custom casement windows." Fully operational windows! You mean not those half assed broken ones? "Category 5 telephone wiring with broadband coaxial cable and Internet ready receptacles throughout each residence" seriously? When people are considering buying a condo are they really debating between the really nice one with the great location that's affordable, or are they saying "well, I don't know about that one honey, I mean this one has Category 5 Coax... can't really overlook the wiring." More often than not, I am unfortunately starting to believe that people really are only considering if their condo has granite countertops and is close to a Starbucks... They could care less about anything else. Except maybe some good coax cables.

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