Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays

I am pretty good about being politically correct when I should be, and saying "happy holidays" instead of Merry Christmas. But I found myself in an awkward position yesterday. I was in a store and it was only me and the woman that worked at the store. She was really personable and helped me find what I was looking for. Then after she rung me up (is it rung me up or rang me up?) anyway, after she did that, I felt compelled to wish her a Merry Christmas. You know, personalize it a little. But I was going to err to the Happy Holidays greeting only because she looked kind of Jewish. But then I thought it might be a little offensive since the Jewish holidays were over and it was basically the day of one of the two remaining holidays left (Christmas and new years). Well, I ended up saying "have a great holiday" and thought that was a pretty good compromise. But damn, not all brown haired people are Jewish. I am just surprised she didn't tell me to have a great Hanukkah.

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