Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Half a marathon

Since this is my version of Facebook, I thought I'd do what other people do on Facebook; Post a picture of myself doing something cool and hope that someone I know, but never talk to sees it, and then thinks more highly of me because of it, and then still doesn't talk to me. With that being said, my sister and I ran a half marathon this past weekend. Considering I hadn't really altered my lifestyle all that much besides the running part, I was pretty proud of myself. I was still able to drink about 6-9 beers, three or four nights a week right up to the day of the race. No pre race routine. In fact, I think I performed better if I got drunk the night before a run. Needless to say, I ran the race (13.1 miles) in two hours and four minutes averaging nine and a half minute miles. Not bad for a first timer.

1 comment:

  1. Nice job dude...that's about 13miles longer than I ever want to run...