Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Like most men my age, I only own one suit. A black suit, pretty much suitable for every occasion warranting wearing a suit. Suits are remarkable, I have found that I can wear a suit, throw it on the floor when I am finished with it, hang it up, and in 5 months when I need to wear it again, it looks as good as new, completely wrinkle free and pressed. It's always an adventure trying to fit into the suit. It's got that clasp/button combo that I usually can't button and my belt just holds the ensemble together. This time, a different story. Fit into that sucker like it was senior year of high school.
But the funny thing about my suit is that it's like going back in time. I reach into the pockets and it's like three weddings and a few funeral. Funeral card, funeral card, napkin, beer cap beer cap.

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  1. So true, Mike. I too still have items in my suit pockets from weddings and funerals. It's funny/strange how when I'm at a wedding, I'll unknowingly reach in my pocket and pull out a beer cap or a program from a funeral...and vice versa.

    Stay cool, hoss