Friday, December 3, 2010


I try to not talk about controversial things in my blogs and I try to use appropriate language all of the time. But sometimes I can't resist. It annoys me when I hear stories like this one People taking the Christmas out of everything. I am all for inclusion, but I am also all for diversity. But it's especially annoying when we worry about the names of things. A Christmas tree has always been a Christmas tree. And it should always be a Christmas tree. There isn't even anything religious about a tree. No religious group or rights group should be mad that they don't have their own named tree. Nobody gets upset about Christmas Sales at the store. No one says, "i wish we had our own sale" To highlight the ridiculousness of all of this, I propose having a menorah renamed a Holiday Candelabra. The Star of David is going to be renamed the Star of Holidays.

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