Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An old thought

It's been proven that children learn things very quickly at a young age. Children are now being taught foreign languages at the same time they are learning to speak English. It's great. I still think it's weird that one of the first things we teach children in school though, is to stop drop and roll if they catch on fire. I mean, I guess if I was never taught that at a young age I wouldn't know what to do if I caught on fire. But did someone really figure out that that was the best way to put out a fire on your body? Going nuts and running around like crazy yelling "I'm on F-ing fire! I'm Burning!! FUUUUQKKK!" isn't an effective means of extinguishing a fire? Calmly stopping, dropping to the floor and rolling is a lot better? "Kids, today we are going to learn something that you will probably never have to use ever in your life. As likely as winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning, yet still imperative that this is one of the first things you will ever learn. Are you ready for this? It's what to do in case you are on fire." And feel free to print out this picture and color it in.

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