Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathroom Renovation

I've been saving whatever money I can lately and have been buying some things for my upstairs bathroom in phases over the past few months. This is the last major renovation project in my house. I think with the completion of this project my house will finally, after 5 plus years start feeling like a house. I still have plenty of other major expense things to get done, like eventually get all new windows, waterproof my basement, and finish up a bunch of little random things. So, this weekend for whatever reason, and probably against my better judgment, I decided to start the deconstruction. I was thinking that I really needed to clean my house but instead dirtied it up. Here's what I've done so far. Just knocked out two walls because I still need the other two shower walls for my shower. I realize now how annoying it is to not have a sink and toilet upstairs. The demo has been going pretty well so far though. No real problems or surprises, and I've been pretty diligent about cleaning up as I go. Probably because there is no real room for the mess to accumulate in that small of a space. Looking back though, I should have done this as my first project when I moved in, but I say that about every house project I've taken on.


  1. I like the "after" version better already!

  2. you just like exposed brick walls.