Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life isn't so easy anymore

I had a friend over recently and I was just doing some last minute things around my house so I told her to make herself at home while I finished up whatever I was doing. I handed her the remote and she politely declined. Luckily, like everyone else she had a smartphone and could easily entertain herself. I realized then that she probably just didn't want to bother with the complicated nature of watching tv these days. I can't watch tv anywhere but my own house honestly. Someone hands me a Comcast remote, forget it. Maybe I know how to work one of their remotes but if it's the other remote that I'm not familiar with, no chance. Do I press "all on" or do I press "TV ON" then "cable on"? Power ON? Cable ON, then TV ON? Do I turn up the volume on the Comcast remote or on the stereo remote or the actual TV remote? You have Dish network? I don't even know what a Dish remote looks like. Fios? Do I press STB? If I press power is it going to F-up your whole set up? Do I change the channel on the Comcast remote or will that mess up everything? Oh you have one of those all inclusive 300 dollar radio remotes. You have the charge it? WTF? Can't we just have a TV that integrates the box into the tv and just have one remote that has six buttons? Power, channel up and down, volume up and down... and netflix. play/pause. fast forward/rewind. What am I forgetting?

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