Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm pretty fascinated by marketing and ways brands trick consumers into buying their products. I remember learning in my Psych 101 class about how Listerine was the first company to use the "fear and consume" tactic to sell their product. They kind of made up gingivitis to a certain extent, and said that Listerine would protect against bad breath and the harmful effects of gingivitis. Naturally, you didn't want to get a nasty condition like gingivitis so you bought their product. But I think companies are just getting lazier or people are just getting stupider. I firmly believe that people will buy anything. Most toothpastes say "whitening" now. Isn't that a given? Isn't the whole point of brushing ones teeth to get whiter teeth? They don't sell teeth darkeners. No mocha coloring. I think some even say "freshens breath". DUH. I guess I shouldn't be so cynical. Maybe more labels should tell exactly what their products do. Chips for example should be labeled, "Now makes you fatter than ever! creates short term happiness! Fifteen minutes after consumption creates feelings of guilt. Three weeks later adds 6oz to your overall weight!"

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  1. Our Chinese brethren have been doing this for centuries. Next time you're JK rolling through Chinatown, ask someone (a native Chinese speaker, preferably) what the translation of various stores actually says. It's not the name of the place, per se, but more what the purpose of the store is.