Saturday, April 3, 2010

You Call Its

I've noticed at bars lately they have these specials called "U call its". I don't think I've ever heard of anyone at a bar actually utilizing those specials though. I understand that the concept is that you can make any kind of drink you want (just not using top shelf stuff) for three bucks. Then they say something like 3 dollars for all well drinks. "Well" being some bar slang for lesser booze. I don't even know what well drinks are. Not top shelf. But all the stuff anyone wants to drink is usually not considered a bottom of the barrel drink. No one asks for that booze by name just because there are probably so many crappy brands that no one has even heard of that stuff. It always seems like there are lot of restrictions on the U call its too. I either want the entire bar, or just give me any old thing. For three bucks. Then I'll say what beers do you have... and they'll list all these beers, and I'll pick one for 6 bucks. Why can't I call that one? "that's the one we call six bucks"

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