Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Gym

A few months ago I wrote about how funny the gym can be; the noises, the grunting, the ugly people that have good bodies, the muscleheads checking themselves out all the time and are still ugly, all that good stuff. I can honestly say that I have been going pretty regularly despite all the things that would make me not want to go; the getting up early, or going when its beautiful outside and my gym is in a basement and there are no good looking girls there to encourage me to do one more set as to not be totally embarrassed. Anyway, my gym kinda sucks but it's nice that there is never anyone there in the morning. It really sucks because there is only one shower there that works. Of the four showers, one gets water pressure and hot water, one gets no hot water, one doesn't have a shower head, and one has a broken shower head that shoots water out like a laser beam. I think it could actually break your skin. And it's hit or miss every day if any of the stalls have a soap dispenser that actually has soap in it. Today, I go, finish my workout, and notice there are no towels where the towels usually are. The twenty year old girl that usually works behind the desk (I say work, but really she's just watching tv shows on her computer)isn't there to get me a towel. I figure she's getting them from the dryer. Nope. She comes back and tells me their washer/dryer is broken, so no towels. Nice of her to tell me that before I started. Then she says "wait, I might have some in here," and reaches into the cabinet under the desk and pulls out a rumpled up towel. I say, "but is it clean?" Her reply,"weeeeeelllll, it's not like it's dirrrrrty" as she holds it up and sees that it is in fact disgustingly dirty. "We use this to wipe down the desk..." WTF... no f-in way! Couldn't believe that. Just what I want to do. Dry off with a towel you use to wipe off the front desk. So I said no thanks and dryed off with my sweaty t-shirt. It was funny though when I walked out of the shower with some random dude in the locker room with just a t-shirt covering my junk.

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