Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spin the bottle

I don't think I know anyone who has ever actually played spin the bottle. I think it's only in movies and tv shows, but it doesn't look like that great of a game. Obviously that largely depends on the quality of the participants, but even if the participants were good, I am pretty sure it would still be awkward. I walked around the office today and asked some of the girls if they were going to make it to the spin the bottle game I was organizing after work. They just acted more confused than anything; like they never even heard of the game. I got a couple looks of disgust too. Not so much about the idea of the game but more of the thought of playing it with me I think.


  1. i played that quite a bit growing up .....but we upp'd the game by saying the two the bottle pointed at .....had to go into the closet makeup i presume.....most of the time ...u just went in there & tried to fool the listeners outside that you were in fact hotter than the last fake couple in there....

  2. er....."makeout"....not bad