Monday, August 30, 2010

Irrational Thinking

Last week while I was on vacation I didn't have anything really planned so I got in the mood to do some house cleaning. The weather wasn't too hot so I threw away a bunch of junk in my basement (almost broke both legs at the same time in the process but luckily I narrowly avoided doing that). Trash day was two days away but I wasn't going to be around so I had a ton of junk piled on my curb two days early. Piles of all kinds of random wood that I had been saving thinking I was going to make something really cool with. A gigantic old random box spring, bags of debris. As I'm piling this junk up on the curb, I get this stupid thought that the google map mobile is going to come and take a picture of my block and update their files. And here my house would be the only one with a ton of shit piled up in the front lawn. Which made me think of when the google map mobile actually did come down my block and snapped a picture of my neighbor going to his car. Wearing the same shirt he always wears when he is hanging around the house. We like giving him shit about that. But he's a pretty awesome dude. Gave me that 50 inch flat screen.

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