Sunday, January 24, 2010

Words or phrases that I'd like to bring back.

It occurred to me recently that there are old fashioned words that people just don't use anymore but are pretty cool terms when you don't hear them so much. For example someone called me "kind" the other day.Which I just thought was funny. Kind? I am kind? Kind belongs in a children's story written in the 1950s. See Dick run. Dick is kind. Which made me think of "cross". So and so is as cross as a bear. I haven't heard that one since grade school, but it would be funny to use at work. "Oh man, the client called yesterday, he was very cross... I would wait a day before calling him back." Or may other favorite; "I dropped some meatballs on my new slacks." I just got my slacks back from the dry cleaners. Let's bring these words back.
So, in looking for a picture for this post, I google image searched slacks. First page I saw this creepy image and had to post it. Check out the website, it's really creepy. But I have to admit, this woman making this stuff is pretty good at making real looking doll clothes. And she uses words like slacks, so maybe we shouldn't bring the word slacks back.

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