Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hate it when, but I love it when....

Unfortunately I have a Starbucks addiction. It's actually more of a coffee addiction, but the Starbucks being across the street from my office doesn't help. Sometimes I get a bagel and cream cheese to go with my delicious coffee. What I hate is those packages that the cream cheese comes in. If you don't tear it open just right, the cream cheese will squirt out and curl in every direction but on the bagel, leaving half the cream cheese on the package, and the other half all over my knuckles. Same goes for those soy sauce packages. You tear them open incorrectly and the soy sauce goes everywhere but where you want it; Namely on your shirt sleeves. But today I conquered that cream cheese packet...the cheese landed right on the bagel where it's supposed to.


  1. dude, that was funny. and very true.

  2. smoosh the cheese equally to each side of the pack .....& tear right down the middle =)