Thursday, March 11, 2010

The movies

I recently went to a job site to check on the progress of a movie theater renovation I was working on. The project looked great but the building inspector had a few issues with updating the theater to be more handicapped accessible. Minor things like making one of the bathrooms have levers on the doors instead of knobs, and adding grab bars to some of the bathroom stalls. No big deal. Another issue though was adding braille signs for the bathrooms. No big deal either, but seriously, are blind people really going to the movies? Then I thought about that new movie, "The Blind Side". Irony? Imagine a fire in the theater and everyone running out hysterically and the poor blind person is feeling their way around using the walls when they come across what they think is the exit. They feel around for the braille sign.... nope, women's restroom. Damn it!

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