Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm not aware of any occasion where it isn't rude to use a toothpick. Which is weird. How can it be possible that the very use something was specifically designed to perform can be considered rude in just about every occasion it's used. After eating corn on the cobb it might not be considered rude but it's still considered disgusting to watch. It's like a Q-tip. They claim you shouldn't clean your ears with them but I am pretty sure 95 percent of all Q-tip purchasers use it to clean their ears. Women claim that they use Q-tips for something make-up related. I have still never seen a woman use a Q-tip for anything other than ear cleaning. And for the record, those plastic Q-tips aren't as good as the paper ones.


  1. I use about five Q-tips a day to remove mascara from my eyelids. Nothing works better.

  2. just because u havent witnessed it? doesnt mean you can discount it.... =) these two statements are not "a lovely evening" stated....they are very useful in removing makeup....i do, however agree with your statement that the plastic ones are a "fail".....i use the wooden ones clean my keyboard. =)