Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bought a New Car

I don't drive much so I'm not really sure why I just bought a new car last weekend. I wasn't anticipating actually buying a car on Saturday, it kinda just happened. It got me thinking about being a car salesman. I think it would be pretty easy if you could get over the fact that no one trusts you or likes you. (reminds me of that classic Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry thinks he can sell cars)But I am pretty sure I could do it. So I got the whole rundown of all the features of the cars I looked at. I just don't understand why they feel the need to tell you every little detail. "A neat feature about the steering wheel is that it can go up and down and telescope out. Here you got your power windows which you can operate from the driver's side. AM/FM radio, CD player...on/off switch. tachometer, speedometer.. automatic locks right here. One touch power sunroof. Anti-lock breaks." So what you are telling me, is that it has all the same features that every car made in the last 10 years has? So how do you turn the radio on and off again? You push that on/off switch you were telling me about? That one right there in the middle? Now are you trying to say that as the driver, I can open and close every window in the car at the touch of a button? Amazing. After he explains the obvious to me, he wants to show me what's under the hood. The engine... which I couldn't give a F@*# about. Yup, there it is.. Some pistons, vtec, dual overhead cam. No clue what any of that means, and really don't need you to try to explain to me how it works. Combustion happens, pistons go up and down, car moves right? Don't need to tell me about it. "It's what they all use in Nascar" Yeah, I bet. I bet they use that Honda Civic engine in a race car.... probably a much better, more powerful, more expensive version. So not really that engine at all. All they really need to say is, "do you like this one? think you want to buy it? And... yeah it has an auxiliary jack for your ipod." SOLD.

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