Thursday, July 8, 2010

Something I thought I'd Never See

I was thinking about soap operas the other day and how ridiculous they are. I don't understand how they can still be on tv for thirty years straight without ever really changing the script. And I don't really know of anyone that still watches them. My sisters used to watch General Hospital after they got home from high school and my grandmom used to watch Days of our Lives (I think she still does but not religiously). But isn't always the same show every three weeks? Someone gets kidnapped, someone is trapped in some mountain ski lodge, there's an evil step mother, someone dies but they come back as a ghost. And it always amazed me that they were always super dressed up and never went outside during the day. It was always night time, and they were never actually doing anything. Never went to a grocery store, never dropped the kids off at soccer practice, always had a twinkle in their eyes. None of this prepared me for what I saw today. I was standing on the train and I happened to glance at what the woman sitting beside me was reading. She was reading three stapled sheets of computer pages from the "spoiler" page of the Young and the Restless. First, the obvious. Why would you ever need a spoiler page for that show? Second, it amazed me that she printed that out. Third, just the thought of her sneaking those prints from her office. Amazing. Oh wow... I just went to the spoiler page to see what it's all about. Dude, check out these lines. "Adam asks Sharon if she believes he didn't kill anyone. She becomes frustrated and leaves, running straight into Billy and Rafe. Rafe tells Adam he won't represent him. Sharon confides in Billy.
Mac tells JT she loves him!
Lily faints, but wakes up telling Neil and Cane that everything is going to be okay! I can't make this stuff up. I am pretty sure this same script could have been used 5 years ago, and five years from now.

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