Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mario and Luigi

I thought about a lot of weird things this weekend. I was thinking about Super Mario Bros. and how awesome those video games were. Mario 1 was pretty good minus the first player playing until he or she died. That always sucked for the number 2 player. Mario 2 sort of got a little ahead of itself. It was way too hard and had way too many flying boards. Mario 3 they pretty much nailed. Swimming levels were always the best. But I started to question the whole premise this weekend. Why did the princess want to 2 random plumbers to save her? What made the plumbers the most capable? And neither were all that good looking. But I thought it was kinda messed up that Luigi, Mario's best friend, would be Mario's wing man and help him rescue the princess, but if it happened to be Luigi's turn on level eight and he had the chance to win it, he would just be all shruggin his shoulders like, "sorry Mario.... you tiger now" and toss his plunger to him. Take her back to the castle... and you know. "Hey lou-weege?"

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