Thursday, September 22, 2011

a tattoo

I've thought about getting a tattoo. Maybe not that seriously, but I'd definitely consider getting one. I think when it actually came down to it though, I'd chicken out. That shiz is for LIFE! Anyway I'm about to do a 180 here. I have noticed that when I get a zit, the zit only really occurs in the same two places on my face. It's bizarre. So I've had this zit for the past few days on my nose near the bottom of my eye. Kinda like where a tear would fall. So to diffuse the ugly zit that no one could avoid looking at if they talked to me, I made light of it at lunch the other day with the people I usually eat with at work. I asked them if they saw my new tattoo and pointed to the zit. And I said "yeah it's a tear. I killed a guy." And my astute colleague said, "isn't the tear usually on the outside?" I replied, "it is, but I killed a guy on the inside. No, not in prison. I killed him on the inside, Like, you know... I killed him emotionally, Broke his ass down."
I thought that was pretty good.

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