Thursday, February 9, 2012

It ain't really Rocket Science

Do you remember hearing about the story of the two astronauts who were married and then the dude started having an affair with some other astronaut woman? It was a few years ago. And then the lady who was married to the dude went crazy and decided to kill the dude's mistress? But the twist in the story was that she drove from Texas to Florida non-stop to do it. IN A DIAPER!
So my question is, Do you think she ever had second thoughts about driving non-stop to KILL her husband's mistress? Or do you think she ever had second thoughts about wearing the diaper? I am guessing the killing part never crossed her mind, but I am sure she had some second thoughts when she was about to take a dump in her pants. "Oh no... oh no.... oh God. I can't believe I am actually doing this...I can't pull over now... but I do have my pull ups on. Maybe I didn't need to plan this right down to the diaper. Coulda stopped at the rest stop and not really lost that much time. Oh well, something to consider for next time."

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