Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Professional Athletes

Baseball season is right around the corner, and that's gotta be my favorite time of year. I am so anxious for the start of the season that I watched the Phillies 19 inning game where Wilson Valdez was the winning pitcher. (I watched from the 16th inning on, I'm not that pathetic.)
It got me thinking about professional athletes. With 162 games in a season I wonder how they keep everything straight. Does Ryan Howard go to to see what time his game is on Saturday? Or is it like little league where the coach passes out a photocopy with the schedule on it at the beginning of the year? It's like, "Players, please have your overnight bags and all your equipment on the bus THE NIGHT BEFORE the game so the equipment manager can load it. If your bag is not there by 8pm, you will NOT be able to play in Milwaukee! Your gloves and bats will be left behind! Game time is at 7:05 sharp! Be at Miller Park by 5:30 for batting practice. Lights out at one hour past game time! No exceptions! And positively no xbox!"

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