Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have a pretty talented graphic designer at my office, and I recently commissioned her to make me something cool. The last three years I have written a bunch of goals for myself to accomplish over the course of the year. Almost like a new years resolution, but some of them aren't really resolutions, just more like "things to do." I guess things to resolve to do. Okay, I guess they are just plain old resolutions like everyone else has. Anyway, the last three years I have just been writing them on a legal pad and crossing them off as I do them. Some may have been a little over ambitious, but I have been chipping at them. Like the first year I ran two races, and then the next year I thought I could run ten races. Too ambitious. Play golf ten times? Doesn't sound like much, but I really only like to play golf if I am missing work to do it. Ten rounds of golf is like a thousand bucks and ten vacation days. Not going to happen. Natalya, the graphic designer is obsessed with typography just like every other graphic designer, so I gave her the idea to make me something incorporating my goals for the year. I figured if I had something nice to look at it and hung it up in my crib I'd be that much more likely to get crackin' on these goals. I think it'd be awesome if she made me one of these every year for ten years. How cool would that be to see a decades worth of goals you achieved?! Hopefully the picture is big enough so you can see it. click on it and see if it works.

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  1. Somewhat similar to the Felton report...