Friday, February 24, 2012

Pro Wrestling

The other night I had a revelation about professional wrestling. Yeah everybody knows it's fake. Well, almost everybody knows it's fake, and everyone at one point or another has watched more than 20 minutes of it at a time. I think 80% of my third grade journals were filled with different pro wrestling scenarios. As you can see by a different Mike Izzo's Youtube videos, Wrestling and Mike Izzos were very fond of one another in third grade. I should just stop there because that video is pure gold.
Anyway, I thought it be really ridiculous if you really got into a fight out on the streets and tried to attempt anything that real WWF wrestlers actually did. Imagine some guy wants to start some shiz with your girlfriend...and you are all grabbing him by his arm and swinging him around the bar... and you climb up onto the bar, wait til he comes close, then lift up his weary body onto the bar, twirl him around over your head and then do some kind of thing where he flies up in the air vertically and you both land on your back. Maybe you run back and forth between the bar and the wall to build up some power and then clothesline him. Do you think this could actually happen? Wrestling is more for dudes who want to beat someone's ass but don't really care if they win or lose the fight as long as they can get the dudes head between their legs somehow and slam them into the ground doing a suplex. Or is that a pile driver? I have no clue. DDT?

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