Sunday, October 25, 2009

It never fails... just like high school all over again

I remember when I was in high school, I'd procrastinate writing any kind of term paper, saving it til the last weekend to write all 20 pages. My theory was that if I started writing the paper a month in advance and finished a week early, I wouldn't write as good a paper as I could, because I would tell myself that I had a week to look it over. And of course wouldn't look it over as critically. I told myself that if I had the deadline of 4 hours looming, I would really buckle down and make sure it was really good. But inevitably the weekend the paper was due was always the nicest weekend of the year or something really cool was happening, and I would waste that day hunched over the computer. Today is that day. I put off designing a newsstand for a friend for the past month. Of course it's due tomorrow and of course the weather is beautiful out right now and I am hunched over a computer. But of course, he is going to get a better product had I started a month ago.

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