Monday, October 12, 2009

winning streak

I've been on a little winning streak this year and especially this week and I hope it keeps going. I'm going to brag a little. Call it braggadocio. Just because I like that word. A few months ago one of the projects I was working on won a gold design award for Best Assisted Living Community. That was cool. Last week, my buddy Blake and I won 25 bucks at our local watering hole for having the best score in quizzo. More impressive was that we won every round we played, and we were drunk. And we didn't even play the first round! That says something about our competition. This week I got an email from a person who runs the Design Philadelphia website that I was a finalist in the bike rack competition. Admittedly I wasn't the winner but I was among 3 finalists and won 100 bucks! Not bad for an hours worth of work!


  1. i love it, man! you really did a great job. as i said on facebook, i want a prototype.