Friday, October 23, 2009


Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a big baseball fan, and especially a Phillies fan and an even bigger fan of longtime Phillies play-by-play announcer Harry Kalas. For the first 29 years of my life I never listened to a Phils game without hearing the sweet baritone of Harry. To use the cliche that everyone else has been using, he was the soundtrack to my summers. When he died in early April, I decided to design and make a few hundred Harry Kalas t-shirts in his memory. I lost a lot of money on the deal but hopefully I made a lot of people happy for people that have gotten them. My buddy Bo from college was nice enough to invite me to the NLCS clincher on Wednesday, and I was lucky enough to get my shirt on the Phanavision for the second time this season! This time I got a picture of it!

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  1. Do you have any extra shirts? I wear medium. Give me one of your old ones. I don't care. HK's voice was the voice of summers for me as well. Great idea, Mike!