Monday, October 5, 2009

speaking of...

Kind of in the same vein as the checkbooks post earlier, I was thinking about things that have fallen to the wayside. Apparently nobody uses checks anymore. At least most retail businesses don't accept them. I verified this this morning with Henry, the barista at my Starbucks. He said they don't accept checks anymore. Anyway, having given up facebook I have a lot of free time on my hands. It gets me thinking about more and more random things and has overall been a pretty rewarding experience which I don't regret. Admittedly I have given in to other equally ridiculous hobbies, ie checking my profile. Not something I am particularly proud of but not too embarrassed to admit. Match is like facebook minus the ridiculous status updates and dudes. There are a lot of ugly girls though, and I am ready to go cold turkey on that too.
Ok, getting back to the point of this post if it even has one. No one is reading anyway so it's okay for me to ramble. I was thinking about things no one uses anymore. Last week I thought about rejoining Friendster. Remember Friendster? It was like a baby facebook but not nearly as cool. Only losers joined it and you couldn't really do anything with it but accumulate friends and email them. A few days ago I actually went to the site and tried to sign in with my usual passwords and usernames. None worked and I didn't really feel like trying that hard to sign up and see what it was all about again. But the other thing I looked into was AOL instant messenger. Do people still use that? I signed on a few minutes ago and three loser friends were signed in. So I guess only a few losers still use instant messenger for all of you who were wondering. I won't say which friends were signed on to protect the guilty. (proof that only losers use aol.... look at that aol picture. first of all they are talking about threads, and is that guy in the picture the mask? you know, that movie with cher with the guy with big deformed head?)

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