Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things that are weird.

It's weird to me when a young person tragically dies for no apparent reason. It's not necessarily weird, but it's terrible. Like recently, that high school kid who hit the game winning shot in his state tournament game, and then died shortly thereafter. I never understand why they die. Inevitably, later, the coroner will say, "He had an enlarged heart." To me, that's pretty an odd way to die. How does this come to be? I think it goes like this. The coroner cuts the kid open and is like, "A-ha! There's the cause Watson! Look at his heart. It's way too big! No wonder why he died. No teenager can live with a heart that's sorta bigger than normal." Weird right? Also, is it weird that when I think of a teenager dying, I kinda wonder if they at least got some before they died?

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