Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something that drives me crazy

I was talking with someone over a year ago about this. The whole foodie thing drives me crazy. Hate is a strong word but people that consider themselves "foodies" are annoying to me. Just because you eat at the fanciest restaurants or eat anything the local food critics say is good, doesn't make you a foodie. Actually maybe it does. Foodie is a dumb term. Foodie to me means someone who doesn't know jack about food and only eats out but has never actually cooked anything for themselves besides a microwave dinner because "they don't have time" to make anything else. I don't want to sound like a snob here, but most of this food everyone is raving about these days is old hat to me. My mom was making me asparagus and egg sandwiches when I was in elementary school. I wasn't trading my prosciutto/arugula/sharp provolone/roasted pepper sandwiches for gushers fruit snacks. Gourmet baby. But that isn't what this is about. What drives me more crazy is when people say the names of restaurants and pluralize/possessivize it. Like Bistro DiMarino. I went to Bistro DiMarino not I went to Bistro DiMarino's. Sapori isn't Sapori's. Verde isn't Verde's. I don't say I went to the Irish Pubses... Dumb foodies.

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