Friday, April 1, 2011

Ex girlfriends

My good friends know that I temporarily rejoined Facebook about a week ago, and my Facebook friends probably haven't even realized it yet. I was proud of myself, I probably got all of my stalking done within the first five minutes. I still don't know what's more bothersome; Seeing an ex girlfriend with a good looking guy, or an ugly guy. An ex with a good looking guy makes me think I wasn't good looking enough. But seeing an ex with an ugly guy makes you think the girl has no standards and will just date any old guy that gives her attention, whether he's ugly or not. Makes you think that maybe you fit into that category. The ugly category. Or it makes me think, "jeez, I must have been really terrible if she would rather be with that ugly guy than me." or "maybe I was a real ass that she would rather be with this guy who is probably nicer and smarter and makes more money than me." At least with a good looking guy you can just say "eh, she's so superficial just going out with a good looking guy..I am probably nicer and smarter than him." Thoughts?

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  1. well seeing as how I fall into THIS category- i'm not sure i have a comment....