Monday, August 29, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to...

Alright, Irene turned out to be nothing more than a little bitch, but apparently my parents lost their power during the hurricane, if you can even call that a hurricane, and the power won't be restored til September 4th. So I get a phone call from my mom around 4 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday asking if she can come over to charge her cellphone. I thought it was a little weird that she felt it was absolutely necessary to have her cellphone charged but no big deal, we planned on making some dinner and hanging out while her phone charged. She left a couple hours later, and half heartedly asked if she could stay over. I said she could, but for whatever reason she felt like she was imposing. So now the funny parts. She wanted to watch some local news since she hadn't seen much of the coverage. I tuned to the local Collingswood station which was broadcasting the local high school sports recap. Basically sports highlights from all the spring sports produced by students and set to music. Now I was busy doing laundry and she was just hanging out, knitting and watching the sports highlights in the background. A song comes on, and my mom is like "This is Taio Cruz ... did you know he is British?" I was like "how the hell do you know who this is, much less know that he is British?"..."oh he was on Good Morning America last week." wtf.
A few songs later she's like "Do you know the name of this Lady Gaga song?" I was like Who are you? and what did you do with my mom? She apparently was on Good Morning America last week too. What was it, clubbing week on GMA?
Anyway, after those antics, my dad called me around 9pm. Now my dad never calls me. Never emails me either. He calls me maybe once or twice a year; Usually to ask me if I stole one of his ties. Anyway, he calls and explains that he doesn't have power and he's got stuff in the fridge yadda yadda yadda. Asks me if he can stay with me. I say sure. Now I'm not really sure why he waited til 9pm to ask me but...I figure at that point you might as well just go to sleep. You don't need power to go to sleep. Anyway he comes over around quarter to ten and brings the dog. The food that he brought to save was....wait for it....popsicles! Can't waste those popsicles. Sits down on the couch, makes some small talk and asks me where he is going to sleep. Now, I only have a two bedroom house, so naturally I told him the back bedroom. He says "where is that?" Seriously? I mean, I know he doesn't come over often but. "What do you mean where is it? It's in the the top of the stairs." I really wanted to tell him it was on the third floor.. top of the stairs make a right, sixth door down on the left, but I know he'd wake me up later and ask where the second flight of stairs is. Wtf. I do love my family though. I just don't understand them sometimes.

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