Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Registries

I've got two weddings coming up in the next two weekends, and naturally I haven't thought about gifts for either. I am pretty sure that all of my friends that have ever gotten married only ever wanted money. I could be wrong. But I don't really understand registries. I think people feel obligated to register somewhere. Almost everyone these days registers at Bed Bath and Beyond, and I look at the stuff on their wishlist and think to myself "what the hell are thinking?" To me, when I go to Bed Bath and Beyond it's a chore. It's not because I want the things that are at Bed Bath and Beyond. It's because I need a trashcan or a shower curtain. I see that they're registered for a toaster that's 89 bucks or a couple of wash cloths for 4.99. Then I wonder if they would really be happy if I bought them the toaster. "Aw, Mike got us just the DeLonghi toaster that we wanted! That was great!" I have to think it'd be more like askers remorse. Like why did we want someone to buy us those wash cloths or that piece of junk toaster? We could have just gone and bought them on a whim at TJ Maxx. And is it legit to buy them the 89 dollar toaster and that's it? Because I was probably going to give them 100 bucks but if they reaaaaally want the toaster, that's fine by me. Or do I have to get them the toaster annnnnnd the wash cloths to make up the 100 bucks? Also, is 100 bucks cheap these days? One friend a few years back registered for these random decorative wicker balls. I wanted to buy him those and that would be it. When/if I get married I am going to just say buy me anything from Williams And Sonoma and call it a day.

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