Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

The good Catholic that I am, I went to Ash Wednesday today during my lunch. It's funny how you kind of get a little stressed about going to Ash Wednesday. I don't like to wear my religion on my sleeve much less my forehead. But when you sit in the pew you are definitely wondering which priest will give you the best ash. You wonder if you want the one who is going to glob it on and make it really black or you go to the guy who is giving out the light dusting. You make sure your forehead is cleared of any head grease, you move your hair over, you take off your glasses, you try really hard not to scratch your forehead or mess it up putting on your coat. The first thing you do when you leave the chruch though is ask your friend if you got a "good ash" or you look in the reflection in the storefront glass just to make sure it's a good one. And you get a little disappointed if it doesn't resemble a cross at all and is just a big smudge. hmpf..

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