Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic Gear

Is it me, or is it a requirement that every year the Olympic clothing has to be so outrageously ugly that no sane person would ever really consider wearing it? You'd have to be a professional bobsledder to appreciate these outfits. During the opening ceremonies I like to judge each country by how ridiculous their attire is. I gotta admit, the Italians looked good this year. They're one of the few countries that can get away with wearing ridiculous outfits. They're just like "yeah, our outfit is horrendous, but hey, we are Italians, we can pull it off." I'm not a big brand guy, but I appreciate Polo clothes. Timeless, classic, and I actually think some of the US gear is pretty nice looking. I just wouldn't wear it with all the olympic stuff all over it. It's like saying you want to dress up and wear your dressiest Philadelphia Flyers sweatshirt.

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