Thursday, February 18, 2010

cross country skiing

I've actually been watching the olympics lately. Probably have watched more olympics in the last three days than I have in all my olympic watching life. Watched some grueling cross country skiing a few days ago and got tired just watching it. That's when it occurred to me that cross country skiing is nothing more than skiing before the chair lift was invented. Nobody likes to use the backward triangle maneuver to walk around and get yourself in line for the ski lift much less travel great flat surfaces in skis. And that's basically what cross country skiing is to me... it's all the annoying in between time spent on skis not going down a mountain. Just hobbling everyplace trying not to fall all over the place.


  1. if it wasn't bad enough, they added a crossbow to spruce it up some.

  2. good post, bro. i agree for the most part, but i have to say that to accurately shoot a crossbow after skiing is an amazing feat. the heart rate control is incredibly difficult.