Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is a recycled blog from my blogging days on Myspace. My roommate reminded me of this thought while we were going out to eat at Chow's Chinese/Japanese Restaurant down the street from my house. (a most bangin' establishment if I do say so myself)Anyway, it's sad to say but I probably go there once a week and get my sushi fix. Wednesday and Sunday nights they have all you can eat sushi. It reminded me of the blog back in the day about cruises and all you can eat. I myself have never been on a cruise and they honestly don't really interest me. Maybe I would go on one just for the sake of going on one. But my understanding of them is that you just cruise around, don't really get to stop and appreciate anyplace, and just eat... as much as you can. But what I can't comprehend is how they use that as a selling point. People really fall for all you can eat. But, me on the other hand, I always eat as much as I want. No one really stops me. If I went to a restaurant and wanted to order a second dinner, I am sure they wouldn't stop me. I don't get it.

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