Friday, August 6, 2010

Flying phenomena

I am a pretty observant person. Observant of people's mannerisms, observant of my surroundings, and all kinds of other quirks. I recently traveled to Mississippi to meet my sister who was taking a class down there for a few weeks. I flew down there so we could drive back up to Philly together. I don't fly much but I noticed a weird phenomenon. I think people really like tomato juice on planes. I don't see people drinking tomato juice very often outside of planes. Nobody is going to a restaurant and asking for a tall glass of V-8. I mean I drink V8s at home, and I know a few other people who do, but I always see people requesting tomato juice on planes. I wonder why that is? Ginger ale is another one.
Another observation; if you are traveling and you know you have to take your shoes off for security, why would you wear flip flops or sandals? I saw fifty people in the matter of 15 minutes take their shoes of and walk around barefoot on the same 15 foot stretch of floor. It was nasty. Think about that next time you fly.

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  1. i wear flip flops when flying for exactly that reason. having to tie sneakers while standing up and put your watch and belt back on all at the same time on the fly...its awful. i could give a flying f*ck about a dirty floor.